Islam niesie pokój, a krew się leje

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Pokojowość islamu nie ustaje ani na chwilę – wyjątkiem nie był ramadan, który podobno ma być miesiącem refleksji i samodyscypliny, a nie terroryzmu. Jak podaje TheReligionofPeace, w maju 2020 r. zamordowano dla Allaha 836 osób, a 690 zostało rannych. Najwięcej ataków dokonano w Afganistanie, gdzie chrześcijaństwo zostało wytępione wiele lat temu, i obowiązuje prawo szariatu. Na drugim miejscu jest Irak, gdzie Amerykanie pomogli wprowadzić do Konstytucji zapis, że muzułmańskie prawo (szaria) stanowi podstawę prawodawstwa państwowego. Kolejnym krajem na liście jest Nigeria, gdzie dominują chrześcijanie, zaś muzułmanie ogłosili kalifat i prowadzą masowe eksterminacje ludności chrześcijańskiej. Dalej jest Pakistan, który dość skutecznie mydli Zachodowi oczy udając „islam umiarkowany”, a następnie Somalia, która jest intensywnie islamizowana. Poniżej tabelka z danymi według liczby ataków, a jeszcze niżej opisane są poszczególne ataki. Nie chciało mi się tłumaczyć tych okrucieństw na język polski…

KrajLiczba ataków
DR Kongo7
Burkina Faso5
22 kraje180 ataków

Poszczególne ataki w maju 2020 r.:

2020.05.31 SomaliaHawa Abdi1013Ten civilians are blown to bits by Religion of Peace bombers. 
2020.05.31 Burkina FasoKompienbiga300Islamic Supremacists fire into a livestock market, slaughtering thirty patrons. 
2020.05.30 EgyptSheikh Zuweid22Two security personnel are vaporized by an Islamic landmine. 
2020.05.30 Burkina FasoLoroum1515Children are among at least fifteen innocents murdered by Islamic extremists targeting traders. 
2020.05.30 AfghanistanKabul24A television van is bombed by the Islamic Emirate, killing two employees. 
2020.05.30 KenyaDiana24Two children are killed when a terrorist uses them as a human shield. 
2020.05.30 AfghanistanParwan30Three children are disassembled by an ‚insurgent’ mortar round through their roof. 
2020.05.29 Egyptal-Ajra20Two tribesmen lose their lives to a fundamentalist attack. 
2020.05.29 AfghanistanDande Patan145Fourteen security force members are killed during an attack by Mujahideen. 
2020.05.29 AfghanistanKandahar25Two children are eliminated by Jihadist bombers. 
2020.05.29 IraqKirkuk10A minority is found shot to death after being abducted by ISIS. 
2020.05.28 AfghanistanHase-e-Duwem13A Taliban landmine claims the life of a passing driver. 
2020.05.28 SomaliaBalcad80Eight young aid workers are abducted and murdered in captivity. 
2020.05.28 SomaliaHamarweyne20Islamists kill two people by planting a bomb under their car outside a hotel. 
2020.05.28 SomaliaMogadishu20Two individuals are assassinated by an al-Qaeda linked group. 
2020.05.28 AfghanistanAantan70The Taliban burn five Afghans alive and shoot two others. 
2020.05.27 YemenMarib83An Ansar Allah rocket claims eight lives. 
2020.05.27 MaliKoro200Twenty more villagers are cut down by Muslim radicals. 
2020.05.27 AfghanistanFarah73A brutal attack by Taliban fundamentalists leaves seven dead. 
2020.05.27 IraqSufait10A woman is found stabbed to death inside her home. 
2020.05.26 IraqMaysan10A young man is kidnapped, tortured and beheaded. 
2020.05.26 DRCSamboko400Forty villagers are massacred by ADF Islamists. 
2020.05.26 MaliTille70Seven villagers are killed by militant Muslims, some by burning. 
2020.05.26 CameroonSoueram20Two border guards are murdered by ISWAP. 
2020.05.26 YemenShibam50Suspected Shiite terrorists kill five persons with a nail bomb. 
2020.05.26 PakistanGarhi Khero10A journalist and teacher is shot to death for adultery. 
2020.05.26 IranRasht10An 18-year-old woman is burned alive by her brother in an honor killing. 
2020.05.25 NigeriaOshimili30Three persons are killed and mutilated by Muslim militants. 
2020.05.25 AfghanistanKandahar40Three children and their mother are eliminated by Taliban bombers. 
2020.05.25 DRCMakutano170At least seventeen innocents are purged by ADF Islamists. 
2020.05.25 PakistanSheikhupura10The family member of a woman accused of ‚blasphemy’ is found with a slit throat in his field. 
2020.05.24 Burkina FasoFaramana21Jihadists ambush a police outpost, killing two officers. 
2020.05.24 DRCBeni90Two women are among nine murdered by the ADF. 
2020.05.24 PakistanEidgah30Terrorists open fire on an Eid celebration, killing three family members. 
2020.05.24 SomaliaBaidoa520An Eid celebration is cut short by Jihadi bombers. 
2020.05.24 NigeriaKajuru2078Fulani terrorists stage attacks on a series of towns, burning churches and killing at least twenty. 
2020.05.24 AfghanistanAlisheng47The Taliban hit a family home with a mortar, killing four members. 
2020.05.24 PhilippinesBarangay Kitango24Two children are liquidated by a Bangsamoro mortar round. 
2020.05.24 IraqKirkuk10An Iraqi is beheaded by Muslim terrorists. 
2020.05.23 PakistanPalosai Payan11A young couple is shot by the girl’s family in an ‚honor-related’ incident. 
2020.05.23 Yemenal Jawf10A captive is tortured to death by Ansar Allah. 
2020.05.22 AfghanistanChak10A local cop is gunned down at a mosque by Religion of Peace rivals. 
2020.05.22 AfghanistanYaftal-e-Bala26Two Afghans are killed during an attack by Taliban fundamentalists. 
2020.05.22 IraqKor Ge Gal13A guard at an oil refinery is cut down by Mujahid gunmen. 
2020.05.22 IraqAbbara10A civilian is reduced to pulp by Sunni shrapnel. 
2020.05.22 YemenNajd al-Atak10One defender loses their life to an attack by Shiite militia. 
2020.05.21 IndiaPrichoo11Muslim terrorists fire on a police patrol, killing one member. 
2020.05.21 USACorpus Christi, TX01A Muslim terrorist opens fire on a navy base, injuring a sailor. 
2020.05.21 IranTalesh10A 13-year-old girl is beheaded by her father, who honor kills her for running away with a man. 
2020.05.20 YemenKaniyah415Four people are killed by Ansar Allah militia. 
2020.05.20 SomaliaMogadishu14The head of a medical team is assassinated by suspected al-Shabaab. 
2020.05.20 IraqSadr City10Reportedly, a gay man is killed and then displayed with a note. 
2020.05.20 PakistanSharif Khana10Suspected radicals pump a health care worker full of bullets. 
2020.05.20 PakistanHilal Khail Charmong10A bomb planted in a field kills a laborer. 
2020.05.20 IndiaGanderbal20Muslim extremists open fire on two border guards, killing both. 
2020.05.19 IraqZahra10Mujahid send a civilian to Allah with a well-placed explosive. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanKunduz87Islamic fundamentalists attack security checkpoint in a city, killing eight. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanKunduz348Three people in and around a clinic are killed when it is bombed by religious hardliners. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanMaruf50An ‚insider’ attack by a Talibani results in five dead police. 
2020.05.19 EgyptQabir Omair413Fundamentalists open fire on families inside their homes, killing four members. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanCharekar115Eleven worshippers lose their lives when rivals open fire in their mosque. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanGorchako31A child is among the casualties of a mosque shooting that claims the lives of three brothers. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanMizan48Two children are among four civilians pasted by Islamic shrapnel. 
2020.05.19 IraqMuqdadiya10Jihadis successfully kill a local cop by placing a bomb under his car. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanAli Sheng16A civilian is reduced to parts by a Taliban mortar round. 
2020.05.19 PhilippinesBarangay Zapakan10A local soldier manning a quarantine is brutally murdered by Bangsamoro Islamists. 
2020.05.19 AfghanistanQayaq Valley50Five people are shot in a car and then burned by the Taliban. 
2020.05.18 AfghanistanGhazni City740A massive suicide car bombing leaves seven dead. 
2020.05.18 SyriaDeir Ezzor70Seven people are pulled from their cars and shot by ISIS. 
2020.05.18 Burkina FasoBanh74Civilians are among those ambushed and killed by the „Group to Support Islam and Muslims.” 
2020.05.18 NigerBlabrine1210Twelve local security personnel are liquidated by Boko Haram. 
2020.05.18 PakistanEidak23Islamists detonate a bomb killing a soldier and a civilian in the resulting crossfire. 
2020.05.18 DRCKelele60A second ADF attack in as many days leaves six dead, including women. 
2020.05.18 NigeriaKautikeri10A resident is beheaded during a Jihadist raid. 
2020.05.17 NigeriaDapchi13Boko Haram shoot dead a guard while looting a village. 
2020.05.17 NigeriaMaza60A half-dozen security personnel are stopped with a landmine and then shot with automatic weapons by Jihadists. 
2020.05.17 NigeriaKonduga20Two female suicide bombers take down two passersby. 
2020.05.17 IndonesiaPattaneteang10A teenage girl is stabbed to death in an honor killing by her brothers over immoral behavior. 
2020.05.17 SyriaDeir Ezzor40A woman is among four killed execution-style by the Islamic State. 
2020.05.17 NigeriaBuni Yadi23Boko Haram stage an elaborate attack on local security forces, killing two. 
2020.05.17 IraqTuz Khormato13ISIS militants set fire to crops, the kill a first responder. 
2020.05.17 NigeriaGajigana2024Boko Haram gunmen mow down twenty villagers. 
2020.05.17 DRCKokola74Seven innocents are massacred by ADF Islamists. 
2020.05.17 IraqChardaghli23An Islamic State bomb blast leaves two dead. 
2020.05.17 SomaliaGalkayo40Four Somalis are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber. 
2020.05.17 AfghanistanMohammad Agha85Islamic radicals fire point-blank into a checkpoint, killing eight officers. 
2020.05.17 AfghanistanKabul11Terrorists open fire on two Afghan officers, killing one. 
2020.05.16 IraqAbara30Three Mujahid shootings leave three dead, including a lawyer. 
2020.05.16 IraqMiqdadiya12An adult is killed and two children severely injured in Jihadist attacks. 
2020.05.16 IraqBaghdad10A 25-year-old man is abducted and murdered by the Islamic State. 
2020.05.16 AfghanistanDehradu96A group fighting for Sharia attacks local security forces, killing nine. 
2020.05.16 AfghanistanGhor311Three Afghans are taken down by fundamentalist gunmen. 
2020.05.16 IndiaKulgam10A local cop is brutally gunned down by Muslim terrorists. 
2020.05.16 IraqTikrit23Two Iraqis manning a checkpoint are shot to death by Islamic State loyalists. 
2020.05.16 NigeriaUngwan Anjo22Two are killed when armed Muslims burn homes and churches. 
2020.05.15 NigeriaJos11Muslim murder a Christian university professor and kidnap his 6-year-old daughter. 
2020.05.15 IraqJillam60Radicalized Muslims break into a home and murder a family of six. 
2020.05.15 IraqTarmiya20Islamists kill two Iraqis with a bomb. 
2020.05.15 IraqMubarak10A Kurdish civilian is shot outside his home by Islamic State members. 
2020.05.15 AfghanistanPaktia812Eight security personnel are killed in a middle-of-the-night attack by the Taliban. 
2020.05.14 PakistanShaam Plain Garyom20Two teen girls are honor-killed over a video showing them with a boy. 
2020.05.14 AfghanistanKhanabad53A group of armed fundamentalists attack government checkpoints, killing five. 
2020.05.14 IraqJurf al-Nasr514An ISIS attack claims one life. 
2020.05.14 AfghanistanPaktia529A Fedayeen suicide bomber eliminates five civilians. 
2020.05.13 NigeriaMainok50A surprise Jihadist attack on security personnel leaves five dead. 
2020.05.13 AfghanistanKhattabi50A radical fires at random in a city district, killing five bystanders. 
2020.05.13 NigeriaAgasha20A woman is among two villagers cut down by Miyetti Allah mercenaries. 
2020.05.13 NigeriaTomatar Lwendyer20Two civilians are purged by Muslim militants. 
2020.05.13 NigeriaMakyali70Elderly are among seven slaughtered by Muslim terrorists. 
2020.05.12 NigeriaKatul20A man and his wife are murdered by militant Muslims. 
2020.05.12 IraqOlayoua21Mujahid fire into a car, killing a couple, and injuring their 3-year-old daughter. 
2020.05.12 AfghanistanSabarau110A civilian is disassembled by Taliban shrapnel. 
2020.05.12 Iraqal-Tuz10An imam is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals. 
2020.05.12 AfghanistanNangarhar3268A suicide bomber puts two dozen mourners out of their misery. 
2020.05.12 AfghanistanKhanaqin2416Newborn babies, their mothers and nurses are purged by Islamic State warriors at a Doctors without Borders hospital. 
2020.05.12 NigeriaNuman20Two non-Muslim villagers are killed in an early morning attack by militants. 
2020.05.12 NigeriaAgwala10An older woman is hacked to death by Muslim radicals. 
2020.05.12 NigeriaIdanu-Doka11A 53-year-old villager is brought down by Muslim gunmen. 
2020.05.11 Burkina FasoYagha80Eight border guards are ambushed and killed by Jihadists. 
2020.05.11 NigeriaGonan Rogo176Families are among Christians massacred in their homes by Fulani terrorists. 
2020.05.11 IsraelYabed10An Israeli soldier is killed by a stone thrown from a Palestinian roof. 
2020.05.11 PakistanPeshawar50Five bystanders are sent to Allah by Ramadan bombers. 
2020.05.11 IraqKhanaqin21A Sunni roadside bomb claims two Shiites. 
2020.05.11 AfghanistanFeroz Koh43Four village guards lose their lives to a Taliban attack. 
2020.05.11 IraqAlbu Dhiban36Three inside are killed when ISIS members attack a residence. 
2020.05.10 SyriaSahl al-Ghab350An attack by Hurras al-Deen leaves thirty-five dead. 
2020.05.10 IraqNasiriyah10An activist is assassinated by Shiite militia. 
2020.05.10 AfghanistanAlisheng65A half-dozen local security personnel are tragically murdered by the Taliban. 
2020.05.10 MaliAguelhok34Jihadists eliminate three UN peacekeepers with an IED. 
2020.05.10 IraqMerkhas20A farmer and his nephew are easy prey for four armed fundamentalists, on the hunt for religious minorities. 
2020.05.09 AfghanistanAlam Khel47Taliban gunmen purge four local cops. 
2020.05.09 NigerGadbo100Islamic gunmen on motorcycles murder ten teenagers at a well. 
2020.05.09 PakistanEdek20Muslim hardliners kill two border guards with a rocket. 
2020.05.09 AfghanistanAzr13A child is disassembled in his home by a Taliban rocket. 
2020.05.09 IraqSaadiya10A civilian is shot in the head within the former ISIS stronghold. 
2020.05.08 AfghanistanKhost40A Taliban bomb leaves a police chief and three others dead. 
2020.05.08 NigeriaDumankara20Two villagers are cut down by Boko Haram. 
2020.05.08 DRCMbingi30A woman is among three beheaded by ADF Islamists. 
2020.05.08 NigerZibane Koira-Tegui30Three men are killed in cold blood by Holy Warriors. 
2020.05.08 NigerZibane-Koira Zeno70Seven villagers are murdered, including several hiding under their beds. 
2020.05.07 DRCMabatundu20Two civilians are murdered by the ADF. 
2020.05.07 Syriaal-Shula110The Islamic State ambush a security convoy and massacre eleven members in their vehicles. 
2020.05.07 IraqWaqf10A local cop is shot dead by an ISIS sniper. 
2020.05.07 SomaliaAfgoye10The former goalkeeper for the national soccer team is gunned down at a mosque by suspected al-Shabaab. 
2020.05.07 YemenAbyan34Terrorists clear out a passing vehicle with a planted landmine. 
2020.05.06 NigeriaTarkende20A man and his pregnant wife are beaten to death in their home by Fulani terrorists. 
2020.05.06 AfghanistanLashkar Gah10Islamic terrorists gun down a man inside a shop. 
2020.05.05 AfghanistanNarimanda40The Taliban plant a bomb that kills three officers, then open fire on a rescuer, killing him as well. 
2020.05.05 NigeriaEgbado11Muslim militants shoot a commuter to death and kidnap a woman. 
2020.05.05 IraqKirkuk40Four police guarding an oil facility are ambushed and killed by the Islamic State. 
2020.05.05 IraqZab20An ISIS attack on a village leaves two dead. 
2020.05.04 AfghanistanParwan14Extremists target a power pylon with a bomb, killing a civilian worker. 
2020.05.04 IraqHilwat20Islamic State members murder two Iraqis. 
2020.05.04 IndiaHandwara40A teenage boy is among four Indians killed during an attack by Muslim terrorists. 
2020.05.04 SyriaMuzayrib90Nine government employees are kidnapped, murdered and dumped. 
2020.05.04 AfghanistanAlisheng10A resident is killed during a firing by Taliban extremists. 
2020.05.03 IraqRashida10Mujahid gunmen pick off a civilian outside his house. 
2020.05.03 IndiaChanjmulla50Five members of a rescue team are cut down by terrorists. 
2020.05.03 ThailandSai Buri20Muslim ‚separatists’ shoot dead two local rangers. 
2020.05.03 NigeriaAdu40Villagers are fired on by Muslim militants. Four are killed. 
2020.05.03 SomaliaMiddle Shabelle10A man is publicly executed by al-Shabaab. 
2020.05.03 AfghanistanYakhchal1113A Fedayeen suicide bomber plows into a local military base, killing eleven. 
2020.05.03 NigerDiffa23Two other people are killed when gunmen screaming praises to Allah attack a town. 
2020.05.03 AfghanistanGhoryan20Two government workers are ruthlessly gunned down by the Taliban. 
2020.05.03 FranceToulouse04A Sudanese asylum seeker stabs four bystanders while chanting praises to Allah. 
2020.05.02 IraqMukeshefah60Six young people are murdered by the Islamic State and then set on fire. 
2020.05.02 IraqMukeshefah34First responders to an earlier massacre are decimated by a planted bomb. 
2020.05.02 IraqZaghaniya410Mujahid assault a police station, killing four officers. 
2020.05.02 AfghanistanKandahar11A bomb placed in a shop kills a patron. 
2020.05.02 ThailandNarathiwat20Two civilians are gunned down by suspected BRN. 
2020.05.02 AfghanistanLoari35Three Afghan security personnel are tragically shot to death by the Taliban 
2020.05.02 AfghanistanMehtarlam34Three civilian engineers are wasted by a Mujahid bomb planted on a motorcycle. 
2020.05.02 PakistanWana10A rights activist is mowed down by drive-by shooters. 
2020.05.02 IraqAbbara23The lives of two Iraqis are cut short by the Islamic State. 
2020.05.02 IraqDiyala110An attack by Sunnis on Shiites preparing for a Ramadan meal leaves eleven dead. 
2020.05.02 IraqSalahudin66Two shooting by ISIS produce a half-dozen bodies. 
2020.05.01 MaliBamako10A French peacekeeper dies from injuries suffered at the hands of Jihadists. 
2020.05.01 AfghanistanZari1325Thirteen locals lose their lives to an attack by a fundamentalist 
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